Embedded real-time software development for consumer products or specific machines
I/O drivers, Man Machine Interfaces, communication protocols.
Microprocessors and microcontrollers from 8-bits to 32-bits.
C/C++ language, assembler.
Real Time OS.
Windows applications development
Windows applications for acquisition, control and configuration of electronic systems.
Communication with RS232, Ethernet, USB, Modbus.
C++ builder, QT, Windev
Electronic prototype conception
Design of cards with microcontrollers.
Schematic development.
Technical expertise and custom-made support
Writing of specifications.
Feasibility study.
Technological choices.
Coding rules.
Reverse engineering to modify existing source code.
Code optimization to save memory space.
Real-time optimization.
Platforms to manage several hardware configurations.
Source code adaptation for different microcontrollers (Atmel, Freescale, ST).
Code review, diagram review, document review.
Technical interface between customer and sub-contractor in an international context.
Production monitoring of small and medium series.
Embedded driver and application for the user interfaces of high range washing machines with touch technology and graphical LCD.

Schematic of an electronic board of a remote control with LCD.

Library of functions embedded on a smart card reader for strong authentication of an EMV card holder.

Inertial power plant software with the aeronautical standard DO178.

Windows application of products configuration in production.

Hardware and software control module for a mecatronic system.

Windows application for embedded regulation parameters adjustment.
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